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Watch- Clock Cases

We restore any type of antique watch and clock cases. Missing or damaged parts can be reproduced using traditional techniques. Glasses and crystals can be replaced using original stocks or formed & cut to fit. Locks and cover springs for hunters can be made.

We can also execute handmade cases to accommodate antique movements. Decoration includes hand engraving and engine turning (guillochage).

Making the middle part of a 19th cent. ladies pendant watch

Making the silver case for an early 19th cent. Dubois & Fils movement
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Making a case for a Smith & Son split seconds chronograph antique movement - Ioannis Monos' design

Making the case for a 19th cent. ¼ repeater chronograph movement


Verge type inner and outer cases
Savonettes or lepines, etc.

Making the case for a 19th cent. dual chronograph movement

Making the case for a 19th cent. calendar movement for the Turkish market


Gents and ladies
Round or oval

Restoration of a Comex Landeron 48 Chronograph, 1940-1950

Clock Cases:

Bracket clocks
Pendules de Paris
Wall clocks
Dial clocks
Marine chronometers
Floor clocks
Musical clocks

Comptoise floor clock

Restoration of a marine chronometer box

Construction of a VDO Bezel